Vaccinate Your Baby

Meet the Experts

Paul A. Offit, MD
Paul A. Offit, MD   Bio

Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases & Director, Vaccine Education Center
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Mark Sawyer, MD
Mark Sawyer, MD   Bio

Professor, Clinical Pediatrics &
Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist
UCSD School of Medicine &
Rady Children's Hospital San Diego

Alison Singer
Alison Singer   Bio

Co-Founder & President
Autism Science Foundation

Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco, DNP(c), CPNP
Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco DNP, PNP-BC, CPNP   Bio

Coordinator, Child Health
Suffolk County Department of Health Services, NY

Video FAQs

Because many people have concerns about vaccines and their safety, we posed some frequently asked questions to several experts in the fields of immunization and autism. Click on any of the questions below to view videos and read the experts' responses.

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Why Vaccinate

Why Follow the Recommended Immunization Schedule

Vaccine Testing, Ingredients & Safety

Vaccines and Autism

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